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Hello Families. The KA FitBit Challenge is up and running! Cool prizes will be raffled every month for KA FitBit challenge participants. Read the details below, then click join!logo8232321_lg.jpg

In partnership with the Walton Family Foundation, KA Fit will empower the academic, fitness, wellness, and future workforce opportunities available for all members connected to the KA community.


  • Year around fitness programming, incentives and rewards (see below).


  • More English classes for families and friends
  • New Citizenship classes for families and friends


  • New social services and social work
  • New parent education and student peer groups.

Join the KA Fitbit

Fitness Challenge 2016!


KA Fitbit Challenge Incentives & Rewards for Families (Join Now)

Join the KA Fitbit Challenge.
Eligibility for Incentives and Rewards is Based on Keeping Track of the KA Fit Success Metrics (See Below).




KA Fitbit Challenge Metrics (Join Now)

  • Weekly Goals
    • Level 1 Average 6,000 steps per day or 30,000 steps per week
    • Level 2 Average 9,000 steps per day or 45,000 steps per week.
    • Share weekly updates of physical activity on the KA FitBit site.

  • Monthly Goals
    • Share monthly progress report on of physical activity on the KA FitBit site of physical activity, documented with Google Fit, Fitbit, or similar app.

  • Quarterly Goals
    • Attend one KA fit information session, Family Council Meeting
    • Celebrate fitness success at one Family Council meeting, at KA

Learn about the

KA Fitbit Challenge 2016

for Students

(Click Here).

A special thanks to the Walton Family Foundation!


In 2016, our team is proud to launch the following partnerships, supported by a generous investment from the Walton Family Foundation, focused on KA's core values of positive words, helpful actions, and best effort.


  1. KA Fitbit Fitness Challenge (Join Now).
    1. Year around KA fitness program, including more basketball and soccer opportunities
    2. New KA soccer field (Spring 2016)
    3. Southwest Airline travel vouchers and gift cards will be raffled every month for KA Fitbit Challenge participants.


  2. Knowledge 4 All Learning & Leadership Initiative
    1. More Sections of Free English and Citizenship Classes for all Friends of KA Families
    2. New Social Services, including Social Work, in partnership with New Vision, Inc.
    3. More Field Trips and Off-Campus Learning Opportunities
    4. More Rewards and Recognition for all members of the KA community.
  3. New Launch of KA's Center for Personalized Learning (Summer 2016)
    1. Phase Two (2) of 80,000 square feet facility renovation & new green space
      1. Digital Literacy Lab
      2. Talent & Workforce Development
    2. More Learning Opportunities for All Students
      1. In 4 STEM (click here for preview)
      2. College Campus Leaders (click here for preview)
      3. Consortium for Personalized Learning (click here).